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I dont feel like rambling so i'll list my feelings.

1. I dont think im gonna get my 14 dollars back since Schenone got pick-pocketed with my cash in her wallet at the pageant. Remind self to pull 20 more outta the bank.
2. Aaron's going to alot of trouble to make me mega mixtapes with at least 1,000 songs so far. also remind self to thank him enormously.
3. Buy prom shoes goddammit, the dance is saturday and its friday tomorrow. shit im a slacker. to buy fake eyelashes or not...hm.
4. Got the 'yer too skinny thing again' today, so maybe i should stop skipping meals just cause i dont feel like eating.
5. buy obnoxiously big audrey hepburn-ish sunglasses tomorrow cause im sicka mine.
6. I want to do something really rediculously awesome for the AP art show next month. I want to be up there with the big guys. But what to do?
7. maybe actually try planning my day tomorrow cause it sounds too exciting to wing it. oh em gee lolz im shutting up now.
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