Rachel (idrink_plaidtea) wrote,

i didnt get enough sleep at all. Hello weird survey.

[1] Do you say the pledge in school?
-yeah in high school and schtuff

[2] If someone offered you a thousand dollars to eat a whole rose--thorns and all--would you do it?
-mmm, no i couldnt do that i don't care if i'm broke

[3] Where do you think your last ex is right now?
-being a jerk to some other dumb bitch, "tricking out" whatever car there is around

[4] Do you think gym class is just a waste of a class? Why or why not?
-naw i didn't mind it

[5] Do you also think that Munchos are the best potato chip out there?
-what the fuck is a muncho?

[6] Type your name except using your boy/girlfriend's last name (if you don't have one, just use a celebrity or something)
-rachel callahan

[7] Have you ever thought about online dating? If so, were you desperate?
-oh hell no, there's something wrong with people who need that

[8] Do you think that anyone who practices witchcraft is evil?
-they can do whatever, just don't get all preachy

[9] Is it possible for good to exist without evil?

[10] Do you believe that there's a bit of bad in everything good and a bit of good in everything bad?
-eh it's a toss up, some people are just truly kind hearted

[11] Speaking of which, what's your views on Confucious?
-can't say i've read too much about him. but he seems nice

[12] When you're dating someone, do you celebrate anniversaries by month?
-We mention it to each other but it's not a big party kind of thing

[13] Do you like Twizzlers?
-love them

[14] Have you ever been in a chemical romance (a relationship where one person is using the other)?
-a handful

[15] Are you sick of all the survey questions asking about iPods?

[16] What song(s) have you recently discovered and loved?
-The Ting Tings, a few bob marley songs i had never listened to

[17] Do you drink hot cocoa in the summer?
-oh yeah it's delicious anytime

[18] Do you even know the difference between "you're" and "your"?
-You ARE going to the park. the park is YOURS!

[19] If you graduated high school, did you get a class ring? If you didn't graduate yet, do you want to get one?
-yeah i got one

[20] Think of the last yearbook you got. Do you like the picture of yourself in it?
-yeah i got a little smirk going on like "i'm getting the fuck out of this place"

[21] Would you rather live in a quiet apartment in a nice place in NYC or a noisy, big house with rude neighbors in New Mexico?
-New York, always

[22] What religion were you born into and what religion are you now?
-i don't really know..i think i was supposed to be catholic. but my family doesnt do anything religious at all

[23] Do you get confused between the difference of Catholics and Christians?
-i just know that they both need to quit trying to convert me

[24] When people get the Japanese symbol for "love" or whatever tattooed on them, do you ever wonder if that symbol really means what they say it does?
-no that's their regret when it's stretched out from kids

[25] If you had to get a tattoo right now in any place and of any design, where would you get it and of what design?
-probably a little heart and a big heart intertwining, somewhere on my arm, i've been pondering it for a while

[26] Have you ever made a MySpace for something weird? If so, what was it?
-just one for myself

[27] Which do you like better, Facebook or MySpace?
-they're both alright

[29] What do you think of your bus driver this year?
-i drive myself, i think i'm ok

[30] If you had a slinky, did it even go all the way down the flight of stairs like it did on the commercial?
-noo it always stopped halfway

[31] Ever been to Disney Land? What about Disney World?
-disney land i think like two times

[32] Do you like things that glow in the dark?
-they're ok i guess

[33] Would you ever dye your hair an unnatural color?
-i already have, hello red stripe and orange bangs!

[34] Think of your closest friend of the same sex. Now think of their boy/girlfriend or whoever they like.
Do you think they're attractive, too?
-I guess Tyler is a pretty cute guy

[35] What's your favorite flavor of cotton candy?
-i think it all tastes the same

[36] Have you ever stolen a tray from your school cafeteria? What about a fast food restaurant?

[37] If you're in high school, what's your elective?
-I used to take at least two art classes every semester

[38] When people ask your religion and you tell them, do they gasp?
-no they usually just ask a couple questions. "but jesus was real why would you say that??"

[39] Has anyone ever given you a red rose?
-no, pink ones though

[40] If you had the opportunity to get a mohawk and it looked really good on you, would you get it?
-hmm no, i like to have a little hair to throw up in a ponytail

[41] If you can change any one thing about your appearance without any pain or money involved, what would you change?
-i would consider having my nose fixed...maybe.

[42] What's your favorite place to go for an Italian ice?
-i had really good gelato in california

[43] What about your favorite pizza place?
-i'm sorry, i adore pizza hut

[44] Do you follow the 10 Commandments?
-the what?

[45] What's your feelings about sex? Are you waiting for marriage?
-ahh, that's a little late in the game. i mean you gotta test the drive the car man. honestly.

[46] Did you ever hear about the youngest mother being only 5-years-old? True story! Look it up if you don't believe me:
-what the hell. No, i refuse to believe that malarky.

[47] Does your school have A/C?
-yes of course

[48] What's the last awesome gift you can remember someone giving you?
-my ipod

[49] Look at your buddylist.
What's the stupidest/lamest/funniest screenname you can find?
-i dunno i guess ryan's is a little confusing

[50] Do you think a relationship would work between you and the person you like now? If you're already with that person, do you think it'll last a long time?
-i hope it lasts, it's going quite well

[51] What do you do when there's a question in a survey that you don't want to answer?
-i ignore it

[52] How do you usually greet people you're very friendly with (ex.
boy/girlfriends, best friends, close friends, family)?
-i say hello and possibly hug. ex boyfriends get no recognition. maybe spit.

[53] What's your favorite flavor of cake frosting?

[54] Do you think cakes actually taste better without the frosting?
-no you need frosting

[55] On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate your personality?
-it's flexible

[56] Are you annoyed when people scream words like 'monkeys', 'rawr', 'cupcake', or 'sharpies' and think they're random?
-what kind of question is that

[57] Name a piece of your clothing that's entirely unique (ex. something you made or altered).
-i like ry's dad's old shirt, the ded beats

[58] What's better, the donut or the donut hole (Munchkins)?

[59] Where's your nearest deli?
-uhh there's a subway a few blocks up

[60] Does it bother you how black people can say the n-word all the want, but when a white person says it, it's suddenly a huge deal?
-i don't give a shit man, who cares

[61] How long does it take you to do your makeup in the morning?
-maybe ten or fifteen minutes

[62] do you have acne problems?

[63] Are the hallways at your school crowded?
-no it's usually pretty empty

[64] Isn't it gross when naturally pretty girls pile on tons of lipgloss, concealer, eyeliner and who knows what else?
-that's their own fault
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