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Nicknames: Rayray, Rach, rachie, Rachelle
Birthday and Age: March 27th, 89. 16.
Location: Missouri
Siblings: Chris (19)
Ringtone: Rock the casbah-the clash
Pets: Audrey and Barclay
School: Lafayette High.
Hair Color: Dark-ish brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'6

5 Bands: Alkaline trio, Say Anything, Death cab for cutie, The killers, weezer
5 Stores: Rag-O-rama, american eagle (their jeans fit well), gadzooks, delias, forever 21
5 Foods: taco bell, steak N shake, more taco bell, st. louis bread Co., quiznos
5 Hobbies: painting, photography, biting my nails, sewing, dancing
5 Websites: this one, myspace, stlpunk.com, purevolume, yahoo.
5 Beverages: strong coffee, iced coffee, iced tea, green apple jones soda, kool aid
5 Animals: puppies, kittens, deer, penguins, the muppets.
5 Places to be: bed, the creepy crawl, steak N shake, living room, taco bell

The Last...:
Song you listened to: Panic! at the disco-'lying is the most fun'
Person you heard their voice: uncle hector
Thing you ate: cake my mom baked
Thing you drank: Looza juice
Movie you watched: When Harry Met Sally
Thing you got in the mail: a college packet to some shit in lousiana
Place you went outside of the house: school.
Person you touched: mom
Thing you worried about: being forgotten
Time you cried: last night
Annoyance: people asking why im so skinny.

Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
Pizza or Chicken Fingers: both
Mexican or Chinese: both
Digital or Film Photography: you can do more with digital, but film is better for classic style.
Barney or Carebears: Carebears, barney scares the shit out of me.
Rain or Shine: Shine, i hate rain.
Black or White: a mix of the two.
Text messaging or calling: texting, but not if its worthless crap like "omg so bored."
Email or IM: IM
Livejournal or Regular Journal: livejournal is more at my fingertips compared to running upstairs and getting my other one.
Rap or Pop: Rap. Mike jones...not really.
Popcorn or Chips: Black pepper jack chips
Dozen Roses or Dozen Daisys: Roses, except thats never gonna happen because i suck.
Sleep or Awake: sleep, its alot more comforting.

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